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Quality Policy

Because believing is necessary...

We are a company operating in the field of Electronic Security. We resell Security solutions to professionals nationwide, ensuring proper Technical Assistance whenever needed. And, this is our Policy...


At IBD, we believe in a set of universal truths.

Together we are more… At IBD, we stand for teamwork. We believe that a motivated team is a team engaged and committed to the company's success.

Winning a client is good, but retaining them is even better… At IBD, we stand for our clients. We believe they are the reason for our existence, and their satisfaction is our mission.

Time doesn't stop… At IBD, we stand for innovation. We believe in change and want to be an active part in presenting new solutions for new needs.

We are what we choose to be... At IBD, we stand for rules. We believe that distinction also comes from complying with the requirements that govern us.

Tomorrow is a new day… At IBD, we stand for the future. We believe in challenges and improvement. Today better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today.